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Sine Inverse is finally getting launched bro!

You often don’t know where to start from, so you just go with the flow believing it is your own DAMN blow. Well, I chose this name 2 years back for my personal project where I would write about psychology and tell people about things, just like that.

Do you know how to find your passion? You just try and explore things, maybe not EVERYTHING ALL AT ONCE, like I do.

Three things I am passionate about are (in no specific order) :

  1. Design
  2. Psychology (read mental health)
  3. Education

This blog is an opportunity for to try some business ideas, have fun with people discussing psychology and keeping the language so simple that even the experts sound “lay” like a layman.

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Himangshu Kothari

I am the embodiment of psychology lurking everywhere. An art aficionado. Life’s a roller coaster without schedules or plans. Each morning brings new adventures – hopping with energy or scaling hills with determination. Spontaneity and fun guide my existence, embracing the joyful chaos life offers.

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